Flow Video was founded in September 2016 to provide video marketing services for small and medium size businesses and organizations. We don’t stop with handing over a finished video — we take on the marketing strategy of the video to help you achieve maximum ROI.

Our videos are high quality and emotionally driven, clearly speak your unique message, offer increased brand awareness and support your sales and fundraising efforts.​

We partner with you in a timely and budget friendly fashion to take your business, school or non-profit to the next level.



Alex Scharg


Alex has crafted his love for video with over seven years of experience in journalism. From covering murders in Lansing to the NBA Finals, his specialty is in discovering and conceptualizing the most important stories and messages that can be maximized through video marketing. He also provides a seamless experience through the production process, making non-actors feel comfortable with the lights, camera and action. Prior to Flow Video, Alex produced media content for Dan Gilbert and Rock Ventures, Fox Sports Detroit, Cleveland Cavaliers, Spartan Sports Network and WKAR-TV/AM. In his spare time, he volunteers at Kadima, Pro-Literacy Detroit, and several community organizations.

Scott Wasserman


Scott has been working in the video industry for more than seven years but has been honing his skills for twice as long. His original passion for photography transitioned into a passion for capturing captivating videos and images, which is his main area of focus and expertise during a project. Additionally, he transforms videos into artistic masterpieces in the editing process, creating the most engaging video message for audiences. Some of Scott’s previous experience includes filming everything from NFL athletes and Billboard Top 100 musicians, to rodeos, Michigan State Basketball, and even filming close-ups of Mentos mixed with Diet Coke.

Elishia Johnson

Digital Media Producer

Elishia joined Flow Video in June of 2017. Her primary responsibilities are editing videos and assisting on video shoots. Elishia is skilled in video editing and graphic design. Prior to Flow Video, Elishia worked in various digital media production settings including WKAR-TV, MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences, and WDBM-FM. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Communication from Wayne State University.

Leigh Maple

Communications Specialist

Leigh joined Flow Video as communications specialist in the Fall of 2017. With more than 9 years of media experience, Leigh acts as a multi-faceted communication lead for the Flow Video team. Her responsibilities include managing internal and external communication, production management, and is a team lead for clients. In addition to her video and marketing knowledge, Leigh has additional experience in public relations, project management, technical writing, and social media. Prior to Flow Video, she worked for PAC Racing, Peterson Spring, and WXOU-FM. Leigh graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Media Studies.


Frank Joseph

Video Producer

Frank was stricken by the raw power of video in 5th grade, when he stumbled upon the invigorating harmony of moving image and sound via Windows Movie Maker. Since then, he not only has become an Apple customer, he has also cultivated his natural instinct to bring more beautiful and concise stories to the screen. A graduate of film from Northwestern University, Frank’s work has screened on US and Israeli television, at festivals and other venues. He has created promotional content for Warner Music, artists Lily and Madeleine, UN Watch, and others, and is excited to embark on the journey with Flow Video.